by Peter Morgan Frost.Nixon.jpg

Directed by ICTC Technical Director Brian Cavanagh

Three years after the Watergate scandal, jet-setting playboy and talk show host David Frost risks his reputation and his personal finances to resurrect his floundering career by landing the most sought-after interview of its day.  This riveting play is a fictionalized account of the contentious and controversial conversations between disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon and Frost as the former Commander-In-Chief attempts to remediate his tainted image and restore his legacy while Frost battles to discern the truth, changing America's perception of its government and leaders forever.

Starring Adriano Gatto as David Frost and Jack Hunter as Nixon.  With Peter Palmisano, Renee Landrigan and others.

Running Dates:
3/01/2019 - 3/24/2019

Irish Classical Theatre Company