The Illusion

A Western New York Premiere Web_The_Illusion.jpeg

Freely Adapted by Tony Kushner

Directed by John Hurley

From Pierre Corneille’s, L'Illusion Comique

From the author of Angels in America. A beautiful story about love in all its wonderful and terrible forms: a penitent father seeks out a powerful, dark, magician to help him track down the son he nearly killed fifteen years ago. In a dark cave, Alcandre the Magician will conjure three tales from the lost son’s life for his father to witness. Tales of love, danger, and betrayal... told by shadows and illusions. In the process Alcandre shares a new understanding of the grandest illusion of all — love.

Running Dates:
1/18/2019 - 2/10/2019

Road Less Traveled Productions