Shakespeare in Delaware Park

Phone Number: 716.856.4533


Saul Elkin, Founder & Artistic Director

Lisa Ludwig, Executive Managing DirectorLisa_head_shot_1.jpgSaul-Elkin.jpg


Established in 1976, Shakespeare In Delaware Park is a not-for-profit, professional theatre company dedicated to providing FREE, high quality public theatre to the widest possible audience.  Our goal is to enrich, inspire and entertain diverse audiences through performance and educational programing, with a focus on the works of William Shakespeare. We are committed to  mentoring students and professionals, and offering adults and children opportunities to experience and appreciate live theatre.
Performing to  approximately 40,000 audience members a summer. SDP is one of the area’s most popular cultural events and is one of the largest FREE Shakespeare festivals in the country!

2018 - 2019 Season


Sorry, there are no shows listed at this time.