Many Stages, One Vision.

Our mission

The Theatre Alliance of Buffalo is a consortium of Western New York professional theatre companies dedicated to promoting the welfare of its member organizations and appreciation of the art of theatre.


• Strengthen and enhance marketing efforts

• Develop and invigorate communication and coordination among its members

• Provide opportunities to stabilize and strengthen TAB member theatres as cultural and regional assets

Our history

The Theatre Alliance of Buffalo (TAB) is a collection of Western New York’s finest theatre groups working together as one to provide market awareness and support for the region’s theatrical productions. 

The group formed in 2004 in an unprecedented and groundbreaking partnership when sixteen WNY theatres came together to create The Buffalo Theatre Alliance (TBTA). Since its inception, the now-named Theatre Alliance of Buffalo has grown to include additional companies governed by by-laws and elected officials. The group hosts regular monthly meetings and committee meetings and has created a shared patron database of over 75,000 contacts, allowing for a multitude of cross-marketing initiatives to take place.

In May 2011, general auditions for non-student professional actors were added to the program attracting talent from the Ontario, Syracuse, and Rochester areas. The introduction of this new annual theatre event invigorated not only the talent pool in Western New York, but the TAB membership as well, garnering much recognition and praise within the theatre community. 

TAB actively shares information about its initiatives through various channels such as press releases, social networks, playbill pages, season flyers, and the TAB website. The success of TAB’s model has inspired other collaborative efforts in the region to pursue joint initiatives. A notable example is the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance (GBCA), which was influenced by key members of TAB. 

Community contributions

Theatre Alliance of Buffalo members provide a uniquely diverse partnership providing individual choices of entertainment, education, shared human experiences and quality of life components for families with children, individual lifestyles, and all ethnicities that reside in or visit WNY. The tangible results include supplying jobs for people raising families and making homes in our community; purchasing goods and services and providing programs that contribute in immeasurable ways to the social health of WNY residents; creating important quality of life impacts associated with the business of theatre including:


Facilitating the ability to recruit professionals to the area

Contributing assets to our growing knowledge-based economy

Providing entertainment; bringing national and international recognition

Enriching educational programs in local schools, universities/colleges, and continuing education programs